Slovenian and Croatian 9/13/2007-10/7/2007

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Journal Part V: Trivlavski Dom 9/21-22/2007

The next day had a good breakfast and headed for the Planika Dom on the south side of Triglav.

Two hours later we arrived on this spectacular perch. We were joined by a young Israeli couple and a young couple from Belgium. We never entered the hut, but just brewed some hot tea and ate a snack on the sunny deck. Our destination was the Triglavski hut on the north side of the mountain, so with we said good buy to our new acquaintances and headed on.










Outside Planika Dom enjoying a cup of hot tea with friends from Israel and Belgium



















We first had to drop down about 1,200 feet before climbing another 1,500 ft to the hut and most of it turned out to be through snow. The rain in the valley was snow in the mountains. It created a beautiful view, but difficult hiking.

Most of the climb was on steep trails, but a few sections traversed steep lime stone cliff sections where cables and steel rods and foot holds where the only sound purchase. Mo was less than thrilled, but pushed on and we made the Triglavski Dom after about six hours.






Mo traversing a section of trail still well below the Triglavski Dom. Many sections of trail are protected with cables or steel spikes.























The hut was spectacular, the food was good, but the hut managers were former gulag guards, a little stern with not much to say.

About 4 PM a father with his nine and eleven year old daughters arrived after six hours of hiking. He fixed them a snack and we talked for a little while. At 5:30 PM, much to our surprise and shock, the father and his daughters put on their helmets and climbing gear and headed out to climb the icy north face of Triglav. We were able to watch from our window in the warm dining area. About a third of the way they decided that the going was a little too tough and returned to the hut for the night. The girls were in great spirits and ready to head to the south side in the morning to tackle the south face. Tough people!









The three specks on the north face of Triglav are dad and his 9 and 11 year old daughters. They were roped up with helmets and great determination, but with a total of one alpine ice axe and one pair of crampons between them, they were no match for the mountain.




















Yesterday morning we again packed up and headed down from Triglavski. The cables and pegs were no problems, but it was a long day back to the car. Ran in to some wild and crazy Slovak guys on a pass who insisted upon sharing their schnapps and taking pictures with Mo. She had her shorts on and they couldn't get over her calves. I left Mo with the Slovaks and climbed Ablanca Peak for a 360 degree view of the range.












Sun rise from Triglavski Dom























Mo descending a section between Triglav and Planika



Mo partying with the wild Slovenians


After I descended and the party broke up we headed on down. By the time we made the car I was shuffling and Mo was leaving me in the dust. We headed back to Bohinj and checked back in to the Penzion where we were the only guests due to the recent flooding.

Today we are heading for Lipica (true home of the Lipizzaner stallions) and then on to Trieste and then Croatia.



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