Slovenian and Croatian 9/13/2007-10/7/2007

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Journal Part IX:

9/29/2007: Starigrad, Croatia: Just a little about Starigrad-Paklenica. It was not our original destination, but as our trip philosophy is stay flexible short stopping in this little town just seemed right. The town had its start with the Romans, but since they vacated about 1600 years ago it has suffered and thrived with the fortunes of the current ruling party and the Dalmatian coast. The other attraction for me is that is sits right at the base of the Velebit Mountains and just a few miles from one the premier lime stone climbing areas in Europe.








View out our window in Starigrad-Paklenika. The dress up thing is not universal since there is an old eastern European influence still present in much of the country













Today hiked up to Dom Paklenika which is one of the Refugio in the National Park. Very nice hike up a wide scenic trail. The highlight was meeting up with students from the local cosmetology school in Zadar on the trail. It was probably typical for Croatia, but very atypical for America. A group of about twenty girls from the school were on a day hike up 2,000 ft to the Dom. To start with American students hiking is a little unusual, but these girls were not only hiking, but they were dressed to kill. They looked like they were ready for a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. This scene wasnt totally shocking since it seems to be common place for Croatian and Slovenian women to dress in style where ever they are. The grunge look is definitely not in in this part of the world.

Just a sample of some of the beautiful lime stone cliffs on our hike up to the Dom Paklenika













Mo in a trail side hang out on our way back from the Dom

























After our hike we walked down to the coast and watched the day go by as we ate olives and sardines and drank some good, but cheap, wine. There was a magnificent old watch tower on the shore. Could not find a lot of information about the tower, but they are known as Vecka Towers and predate the Romans. They were probably part and security system. From the top of this tower you are supposed to be able to see another tower way up in the mountains to the east.

The construction appeared to be mortarless stone fit tightly together forming solid 6 ft thick walls. Clearly this was build for security.

9/30/2007: Zadar, Croatia: After another night at the Rajna we hiked up another trail in to National Park Paklenica. This trail was much less used and more technically challenging. Mo also made the mistake of asking the park ranger whether the signs about poison snakes was for real. He said people do get bit every year, but as long as you keep your eyes in the trees watching for dropping snakes you will be fine. Cant understand why, but that made Mo uneasy.

Still had a very nice hike, but at the terrain became rougher and rockier, Mo decided that the snake thing was making her uneasy.


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