Peruvian Adventure 5/18/2006-6/28/2006

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6/13/2006: Laguna Carhuacocha: 13,730 ft:




High Point

15,170 ft

15,360 ft


2,152 ft

5,664 ft


2,362 ft

5624 ft


Woke up to dense clouds hiding the peaks, but by the time breakfast was done, the ski was deep blue and the sun was shining. Before breakfast had settled we were on the trail and up over 2,000 ft to Carhuac Pass at over 15,000 ft. Stopped for a snack in one of the most dramatic settings I have ever been.


Crossing Carhuac Pass on our way to camp II. LR Siula Grande and Jirishanca


Sitting on top of the pass enjoying a snack with the east face of Siula Grande and Yerapaja behind us. Siula Grande is most famous for providing the setting (west face) for Joe Simpsons climbing epic Touching the Void. Yerapaja is the second highest peak in Peru (21,709 ft). The east face has seen only a few climbing ascents, but the most famous was the first in 1966 by Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler . This climb really marked the beginning of the climbing career of arguably the greatest high altitude climber of all time.

Had a long descent though Yanayana Valley to Laguna Carhuacocha. The last obstacle was crossing a stream at the outlet of the lake.

A moment of hesitation before crossing Rio de Carhuacocha. Our trial is just visible along the hill side above the lake and behind Mo


We almost had a dip in the stream, but luck and skill prevailed and we made it to our destination. Set up camp at the east end of the lake allowing a view west across Carhuacocha to a line-up of the Andean giants of the Huayhuash range. From LR there was Siula Grande (6344 m), Yerupaja (6617 m), Yerupaja Chico and Jirichanca (not visible in picture below (6094 m).

Fished many hours that afternoon, but could not get a bite. Since it was a warm afternoon I waited for a good long break in the clouds and took one of the colder dips in my life in the lake. Truly invigorating, but it wont happen again any time soon.


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