Peruvian Adventure 5/18/2006-6/28/2006

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6/18/2006: Cutatambo 14,130 ft:




High Point

16,600 ft

16,600 ft


2,177 ft

15,728 ft


2,817 ft

15,043 ft


I am sitting in one of the most beautiful camps I have ever been in after completing what was unquestionably the most beautiful trek I have ever done. We started with a 2,000 ft climb from camp to the summit of Cerro Can Antonia at 16,600 ft. This is the highest elevation that Mo has ever been.

Mo and I approaching the summit of San Antonio with Laguna Jurau in the background. Yerupaja is in the back furthest left with Sarapo and Cornicero next.


The experience was breathtaking, both for the obvious lack of oxygen, but mostly for the unimpeded 360 degree views. Taking some self portraits with the cameral timer added to the challenge. Sprinting 20 ft in 10 seconds three times is childs play unless you are at 17,000 ft. The first tow times I failed to set off the timer, but the third time was a charm.

Mo and I on top of Mount San Antonio


As we descended the view only became more spectacular. The views were not to be missed, but the steep descent of nearly 3,000 ft, on what can only loosely be called a trail, demanded our full concentration. Near the base of the peaks to the west was Laguna Jurau. Its intense blue waters reflected the cloudless blue sky and was further set off by the glaciated peaks surrounding it. Left up a steep valley was Laguna Sarapococha at the base of the Yerupaja Glacier which in tern was fed by the high peaks (RL) of Yerupaja, Siula Grande, Sarapo and Carnicero. Laguna Sarapococha was the camp site made famous by Joe Simpson in Touching the Void.

Natures sculpted cowboy

Sarapo front with Siula Grande behind


Our camp site in Cutatambo is spectacular surrounded by cliffs supporting hanging glaciers and a 150 waterfall due north coming from the Yerupaja Glacier. There is supposed to be a group of Australians joining us at this camp site tonight, but have not seen them yet. Queque and I took a hike up above the falls and then climbed another 1,000 ft up the slope across from Sarapo and Siula Grande. Tomorrow (our rest day) Mo, Quique and I will hike further up the valley to the Touching the Void camp so that we can get a full view of Siula Grande.

Our tent at Cutatambo



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