Peruvian Adventure 6/17/2007-6/25/2007 (shortened from 7/9/2007)

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6/17/2007: Steamboat Springs, Colorado 6,960 ft: For the past couple of months have been formulating a climbing plan for a return trip to Peru and the Cordillera Blanca. This year I am going with a partner, Matt Tredway. Matt is the one of, if not the, finest people I know. We have climbed in Canada, Ouray, Vail, Cody, RMNP and other locals over the years and his cautious approach to things will probably be a good balance for my tendency to go for it.

In less than three weeks last year I soloed Ures Este, Ishinca, Tocllaraju and Pisco and almost climbed La Esphinge (a little problem with a snow storm). This year we will only be on the ground for 12 days and have an ambitious, but moderate, agenda of climbs. Just like last year will start the day after arrival by climbing to the Churup Glacier at 16,000 ft. The next couple of days will relax and do short hikes around Huaraz and then do a two day trip up Vallunaraju at 18,963 ft.

Vallunaraju double summits in background


After a Vallunaraju we plan on a couple of rest days then off to triple climbs in the Quebrada Peron.


In the past eight weeks have soloed eight 14,000 ft peaks via snow and ice climbs and am feeling pretty darn good. My wife, Mo, and I are off to California for a family reunion, some hiking and granite climbing on Donner Pass before I head back from Reno to Denver on the 25th to meet Matt at DIA and head for Peru. Everything is packed and ready to go except I have not received my passport. After several calls it has been located in NEW HAMPSHIRE???











Piramide de Garciloza (proposed)

























Artisonraju South Face (proposed)

















6/28/2007: Steamboat Springs, Colorado: Never left the states. After over three months of waiting for the US Passport service to issue a renewal it finally came to day 6/28). Just two days late for my travel to Peru. Four emergency expedition notices and the efforts the office of our Colorado Senator Ken Salazar, were not enough to get me a passport on time. Tickets are cancelled and alternative plans are in progress. There are worse placed to be marooned than Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I will just have to make the best of it and go climb a bunch of things that I have wanted to climb in the summer for years.

Matt and I plan on rescheduling for Peru in 2008.


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