Peruvian Adventure 7/23/2008-8/06/2008

Steamboat Springs Lima, Peru Huaraz, Peru Churup, Pisco, Ishinca Huaraz, Peru Lima, Peru Steamboat Springs, CO

Walk-by shoe repair. Had some high teck modifications done to the technical climbing boots


Getting provisions for Ishinca in the local outdoor market


Heading in to Ishinca with Fidel, again (this photo is from trip 5/2006, but nothing has changed except everything is dryer 7/2008)


Entering though, actually over, the forestry gate in to Ishinca Valley


Just exiting the Quenual forest below Quebrada Ishinca, Nevado Panrapalca is in full view


A few turns later my old friend Tocllaraju fills the valley view. I soloed Tocllaraju in 2006



Peru Adventure Part VIII

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